Drone Fly Simulator | Hot Sale Drone Simulator

Drone Fly Simulator | Hot Sale Drone Simulator

The SRIZFLY drone simulator provides a rich sensory experience and interactive feedback, helping users quickly improve their Flight skills through immersive exercises by simulating multiple Flight modes, Flight perspectives and physical features of real uavs. The system is compatible with the mainstream VR headset to achieve immersive training experience.

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Break through time, place, and environmental constraints, start training anytime, anywhere. Save the cost of actual training and avoid risks and consequences caused by operational errors.


According to the demand scenarios of specific industries, adding additional customized development to meet business needs.Support customization scenarios and UAV models.

Immersive flight experience

SRIZFLY™  flight simulator provides a rich sensory and cognitive experience, allowing users to truly integrate into the overall atmosphere of flight and focus on training.

Simulation environment interaction

SRIZFLY™  Flight Simulator stereo rendering simulates and constructs aircraft models and various scenes, which are delicate and vivid. It allows drones to be trained in a virtual environment. 

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Wuhan SRIZ Technology Co., Ltd., located in Wuhan city, Hubei Province, China, is a long-term technology enterprise committed to the research and development of drone flight simulation, covering platform software development, VR / AR industry application and other businesses. The company's products mainly include SESP-U1 SRIZFLY Flight Simulator, STS-H1 Electricity Flight Simulator, AUSE-V1 Search and Rescue Flight Simulator, etc., which has been used in many fields, such as agriculture, electric power, surveying and mapping, etc. The company has its own research and development team, with a strong independent research and development ability. 

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Advantages of Drone Simulators

There are several advantages to using drone simulators, which make them a valuable tool for training, research, and entertainment:

Safe and controlled environment: Drone simulators provide a safe and controlled environment in which users can practice and learn without the risk of damaging a real drone or causing harm to people or property.

Cost-effective: Drone simulators are typically more cost-effective than using real drones for training or research, as they do not require the purchase or maintenance of physical equipment.

Convenience: Drone simulators can be used anytime and anywhere, as long as the user has access to a computer or other device with the necessary software or hardware.

Realistic experience: Many drone simulators provide a realistic and immersive experience, with accurate physics models, weather effects, and terrain, which can help users to better understand and learn the principles of drone flight.

Versatility: Drone simulators can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including training, research, and entertainment. They can also be customized and configured to suit specific needs or goals.

Collaboration and teamwork: Some drone simulators allow multiple users to fly drones in the same virtual environment, which can facilitate collaboration and teamwork.

Overall, drone simulators are a valuable tool for a wide range of applications, and can provide a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way to learn and practice the skills needed to fly a drone.

Advantages of Drone Simulators

Application of Drone Simulator

Drone simulators are used for a variety of applications, including:

Training: Drone simulators are commonly used to train pilots, as they provide a safe and controlled environment in which pilots can practice and learn without the risk of damaging a real drone or causing harm to people or property. Drone simulators can be used to teach pilots how to operate a drone, navigate different environments, and respond to emergencies or other challenges.

Research and development: Drone simulators are also used for research and development, as they provide a convenient and cost-effective way to test and evaluate new drone technologies and designs. Researchers can use drone simulators to study the performance and behavior of different drones under a wide range of conditions, without the need for physical testing.

Entertainment: Some people use drone simulators for entertainment, as they can provide a fun and challenging way to experience the thrill of flying a drone. Drone simulators can be used for recreational purposes, such as racing or performing tricks, or as part of a video game or other interactive experience.

Military and emergency services: Drone simulators are also used by military and emergency services organizations to train pilots and other personnel in the use of drones for various missions, such as surveillance, reconnaissance, and search and rescue.

Industrial and commercial applications: Drone simulators are also used in industrial and commercial applications, such as agriculture, construction, and inspections. These simulators can help pilots to learn how to safely and efficiently operate drones in these settings, and can also be used to test new technologies and strategies.

Application of Drone Simulator

Features of Drone Simulator

There are a wide variety of features that can be found in different drone simulators, and the specific features of a particular simulator may depend on its intended use and target audience. Here are some examples of features that may be included in a drone simulator:

  • Virtual environment: Drone simulators typically include a virtual environment in which the user can fly the drone. This environment may be a realistic depiction of a specific location or may be a more abstract or stylized representation of the airspace.

  • Controls: Drone simulators usually include a set of controls that mimic those of a real drone. These controls may include a physical joystick, gamepad, or other input device, or they may be displayed on a screen and controlled using a mouse or touch input.

  • Physics model: Some drone simulators include a realistic physics model that simulates the forces and sensations of flight, such as lift, drag, and torque. This can help to provide a more immersive and authentic experience.

  • Weather effects: Some drone simulators include realistic weather effects, such as wind, rain, and snow, which can impact the way the drone flies.

  • Terrain: Some drone simulators include realistic terrain, such as mountains, valleys, and bodies of water, which can affect the flight of the drone.

  • Multiplayer: Some drone simulators allow multiple users to fly drones in the same virtual environment, either competitively or cooperatively.

  • Scenarios and missions: Some drone simulators include pre-designed scenarios or missions that the user can fly through, with specific objectives or challenges to complete.

  • Customization: Some drone simulators allow users to customize the appearance or performance of their drone, such as by selecting different skins or modifying the drone's flight characteristics.

Features of Drone Simulator
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upport the operation training of 4-rotor and 6-rotor UAVs, and support the customized development of 4-rotor, 6-rotor and 8-rotor UAVs.

SRIZFLY™  Flight Simulator will help solve this problem from the following points: 1.Improve operational efficiency; 2. Reduce field accidents; 3. Reduce the cost of time required to train new pilots; 4.Additional customized development is available to meet business needs.

A 64-bit Windows 10 system computer with a medium-high graphics card is required to run the program; a remote control is used to control; a Micro-B to USB-A cable is used to connect the remote control to the computer.

Phoenix remote control dual-return middle eight-channel, Foss i6s, Jinba T2000

When purchasing flight simulation, a 10 channel remote control is provided. By default, a wired remote control is provided, and a wireless remote control is optional.

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