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Main Products

SESP-U1 SRIZFLY Flight Simulator

SRIZFLY Flight Simulator is a UAV simulation training software for enterprise users. It relies on fine modeling and flight control simulation technology to restore the natural and real flight experience, provides enterprise users with basic knowledge teaching, a complete solution to simulation training and job scenario exercises.

STS-H1 Electricity Flight Simulator

Electricity Flight Simulator is an UAV simulation training software for electric power industry enterprise users that relies on fine modeling and flight control simulation technology to restore the natural real flight experience. Electricity Flight Simulator provides complete solutions for electric power industry enterprise users ranging from basic knowledge learning to simulation training and operation scenario practice.

AUSE-V1 Search and Rescue Flight Simulator

Petroleum is a very important resource in nowaday society, and the stability of large equipment in petrochemical plants and oil and gas pipelines is very important. the equipment and facilities in chemical plant are huge and complex, working under high temperature and high pressure conditions. They are exposed to the air for a long time and suffer the rain and wind, which is easy to have serious leakage accidents due to aging, corrosion and other problems. In order to ensure the normal operation of the chemical plant, it is necessary to conduct the routine inspections of the chemical plant and pipeline facilities to eliminate the hidden dangers of the equipment and pipelines in time. UAV patrol inspection is the new inspection technology that uses drones to carry other auxiliary equipment to inspect chemical plants. It can effectively supplement the patrol inspection areas that manual patrol inspection is difficult or difficult to reach by manual inspection. It greatly improves the inspection efficiency and ensures the normal operation of the installation equipment.



About Us

Wuhan SRIZ Technology Co., Ltd., located in Wuhan city, Hubei Province, China, is a long-term technology enterprise committed to the research and development of drone flight simulation, covering platform software development, VR / AR industry application and other businesses. The company's products mainly include SESP-U1 SRIZFLY Flight Simulator, STS-H1 Electricity Flight Simulator, AUSE-V1 Search and Rescue Flight Simulator, etc., which has been used in many fields, such as agriculture, electric power, surveying and mapping, etc. The company has its own research and development team, with a strong independent research and development ability. 
Contact us (E-mail:srizfly123@gmail.com,Facebook:Simulation Srizfly ,Twiter:@srizfly888



SRIZFLY Engaging in Exclusive Partnership with MGIT

We are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with MGIT, a major supplier of industrial drones in Republic of Korea. Becoming the main address to go for the professional UAV Simulation System, the Korean drone ex
   Jan 30,2024

SRIZFLY Drone Simulator was presented at DJI Training Week 2023, in Los Angeles

      Beginning of November 2023 was marked by one of the most important and exciting events when DJI Enterprise held a training week in Los Angeles.       As SRIZFLY, we are proud to take
   Dec 14,2023

SRIZFLY attended the DJI Enterprise Summit 2023

        In the end of October, DJI Enterprise held a wonderful event, the 2023 DJI Enterprise Summit. As everything happens to be in DJI, the Summit turned to be a perfect organization offering exci
   Nov 30,2023

SRIZFLY launches an emergency fire-fighting drone simulation system, focusing on fire-fighting drone tactical drills and skills training

System overview The AUSE-V1R emergency fire-fighting UAV tactical exercise simulation system (the “simulation system”) developed by Wuhan Sriz Technology Co., Ltd., is aimed to train skills in th
   Jul 21,2023