Dji Fly App | Dji Fly App Supply

Dji Fly App | Dji Fly App Supply

The DJI Fly app is a mobile application developed by DJI, a Chinese technology company that specializes in the manufacture of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones. The DJI Fly app is used to control and operate DJI drones, as well as to capture and share photos and videos taken with the drones.

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Break through time, place, and environmental constraints, start training anytime, anywhere. Save the cost of actual training and avoid risks and consequences caused by operational errors.


According to the demand scenarios of specific industries, adding additional customized development to meet business needs.Support customization scenarios and UAV models.

Immersive flight experience

SRIZFLY™  flight simulator provides a rich sensory and cognitive experience, allowing users to truly integrate into the overall atmosphere of flight and focus on training.

Simulation environment interaction

SRIZFLY™  Flight Simulator stereo rendering simulates and constructs aircraft models and various scenes, which are delicate and vivid. It allows drones to be trained in a virtual environment. 

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Wuhan SRIZ Technology Co., Ltd., located in Wuhan city, Hubei Province, China, is a long-term technology enterprise committed to the research and development of drone flight simulation, covering platform software development, VR / AR industry application and other businesses. The company's products mainly include SESP-U1 SRIZFLY Flight Simulator, STS-H1 Electricity Flight Simulator, AUSE-V1 Search and Rescue Flight Simulator, etc., which has been used in many fields, such as agriculture, electric power, surveying and mapping, etc. The company has its own research and development team, with a strong independent research and development ability. 

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The role of DJI Fly app

The main function of the DJI Fly app is to provide a user-friendly interface for controlling and flying a DJI drone. It allows users to set up the drone, view a live video feed from the drone's camera, and access various flight and camera settings. The app also provides features such as automatic flight modes, waypoint navigation, and intelligent flight modes, which allow the drone to follow a pre-determined flight path or perform other autonomous actions.

In addition to these core functions, the DJI Fly app also offers a range of additional features, including the ability to edit and share photos and videos captured by the drone, access to a comprehensive set of tutorial videos and user guides, and the ability to purchase and download new features and updates for the app.

Overall, the DJI Fly app is an essential tool for anyone looking to get the most out of their DJI drone, providing a range of features and capabilities that make it easy to fly and capture high-quality aerial footage.

The role of DJI Fly app

DJI Fly App Camera Control, Media Management, Live Video Feed

The DJI Fly app includes:

Camera Controls: The app allows users to adjust camera settings such as aperture, ISO, and white balance, as well as set up panoramas and timelapses.

Media management: Users can view and edit captured photos and videos within the app, using tools such as cropping, rotating, and adjusting exposure and color. The app also provides access to DJI's cloud storage service for backing up and sharing media.

Live Video Feed: The app displays a live video feed from the drone's camera, providing a real-time view of the flight environment.

DJI Fly App Camera Control, Media Management, Live Video Feed

Functions of the DJI Fly app

Some of the features available in the DJI Fly app include:

Flight control: Users can control their drones using the on-screen joystick or by tapping on the screen to specify a flight path.

Camera control: Users can adjust the camera settings and take photos or videos using the app.

Flight modes: The DJI Fly app offers several different flight modes, including normal, sport, and cinematic, which allow users to adjust the drone's flight characteristics to suit their needs.

Safety features: The DJI Fly app includes a range of safety features to help users fly their drones responsibly and avoid accidents. For example, the app will display alerts if the drone is flying too close to restricted areas or if the battery is low.

Overall, the DJI Fly app is a useful tool for anyone looking to fly a DJI drone and take advantage of its features and capabilities.

Functions of the DJI Fly app
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Upport the operation training of 4-rotor and 6-rotor UAVs, and support the customized development of 4-rotor, 6-rotor and 8-rotor UAVs.

SRIZFLY™  Flight Simulator will help solve this problem from the following points: 1.Improve operational efficiency; 2. Reduce field accidents; 3. Reduce the cost of time required to train new pilots; 4.Additional customized development is available to meet business needs.

A 64-bit Windows 10 system computer with a medium-high graphics card is required to run the program; a remote control is used to control; a Micro-B to USB-A cable is used to connect the remote control to the computer.

Phoenix remote control dual-return middle eight-channel, Foss i6s, Jinba T2000.

When purchasing flight simulation, a 10 channel remote control is provided. By default, a wired remote control is provided, and a wireless remote control is optional.

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