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Flight simulators come in a range of sizes and capabilities, from small desktop simulators designed for home use to large, full-scale simulators used for professional pilot training.

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Break through time, place, and environmental constraints, start training anytime, anywhere. Save the cost of actual training and avoid risks and consequences caused by operational errors.


According to the demand scenarios of specific industries, adding additional customized development to meet business needs.Support customization scenarios and UAV models.

Immersive flight experience

SRIZFLY™  flight simulator provides a rich sensory and cognitive experience, allowing users to truly integrate into the overall atmosphere of flight and focus on training.

Simulation environment interaction

SRIZFLY™  Flight Simulator stereo rendering simulates and constructs aircraft models and various scenes, which are delicate and vivid. It allows drones to be trained in a virtual environment. 

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Wuhan SRIZ Technology Co., Ltd., located in Wuhan city, Hubei Province, China, is a long-term technology enterprise committed to the research and development of drone flight simulation, covering platform software development, VR / AR industry application and other businesses. The company's products mainly include SESP-U1 SRIZFLY Flight Simulator, STS-H1 Electricity Flight Simulator, AUSE-V1 Search and Rescue Flight Simulator, etc., which has been used in many fields, such as agriculture, electric power, surveying and mapping, etc. The company has its own research and development team, with a strong independent research and development ability. 

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Flight Simulators: A valuable tool for recreational pilots

Flight simulator training is also beneficial for recreational pilots. It allows them to practice their flying skills and improve without taking on the risks of actual flying. Simulators simulate various weather conditions and emergency situations, which gives pilots a better understanding of the difficulties of flying. Flight simulators are also useful for recreational pilots to prepare for instrument ratings and improve their flying skills.

The importance of flight simulator training for drone pilots

Flight simulator training is also beneficial for drone pilots as it allows them practice their flying skills in a controlled and safe environment. Flight simulator training has become an integral part of drone pilot certification due to its increasing use in different industries, including construction, agriculture, and surveillance. Drone pilots can learn to operate drones in a variety of situations, which improves their ability and safety.

Benefits of Flight Simulator Training for Commercial Pilots

Flight simulation training offers many advantages to commercial pilots, such as increased confidence and safety during take-off and landing maneuvers, increased airspace awareness, and better instrument proficiency.

Commercial pilots face a unique set of challenges in their profession, from managing complex air traffic systems to flying large aircraft. Flight simulators provide them with a safe and cost-effective means of honing their skills and improving performance. Training programs can be tailored specifically to address specific areas such as handling emergencies, developing communication abilities, or working within a team environment.

Future Flight Simulator Technology and Training

Technology is constantly changing, and so is flight simulator technology. Pilots will feel more comfortable flying in the simulator, which is more realistic than previous versions. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are being used in flight simulator training. This allows pilots to explore a wider variety of scenarios and improve their skills in innovative ways.

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upport the operation training of 4-rotor and 6-rotor UAVs, and support the customized development of 4-rotor, 6-rotor and 8-rotor UAVs.

SRIZFLY™  Flight Simulator will help solve this problem from the following points: 1.Improve operational efficiency; 2. Reduce field accidents; 3. Reduce the cost of time required to train new pilots; 4.Additional customized development is available to meet business needs.

A 64-bit Windows 10 system computer with a medium-high graphics card is required to run the program; a remote control is used to control; a Micro-B to USB-A cable is used to connect the remote control to the computer.

Phoenix remote control dual-return middle eight-channel, Foss i6s, Jinba T2000.

When purchasing flight simulation, a 10 channel remote control is provided. By default, a wired remote control is provided, and a wireless remote control is optional.

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