SRIZFLY launches an emergency fire-fighting drone simulation system, focusing on fire-fighting drone tactical drills and skills training

SRIZFLY launches an emergency fire-fighting drone simulation system, focusing on fire-fighting drone tactical drills and skills training

System overview
The AUSE-V1R emergency fire-fighting UAV tactical exercise simulation system (the “simulation system”) developed by Wuhan Sriz Technology Co., Ltd., is aimed to train skills in the fire-fighting applications. Based on a fire-fighting communicator competition concept, the simulation platform helps to enhance the emergency support capabilities of trainees and lay a solid foundation for fire-fighting and rescue, emergency rescue and disaster relief tasks.
The simulation system strictly follows the "Technical Documents of the National Fire-fighting Industry Vocational Skills Competition" and the "UTC UAV Emergency Fire-fighting Technology Course Standards", and has functions such as reconnaissance delivery, aerial modeling, aerial reconnaissance, precision throwing, reconnaissance flight, and technical and tactical exercises.
                     ▲Emergency fire-fighting drone tactical drill simulation
Technical features

SRIZFLY Flight simulation engine
Realistic modeling of environmental factors affecting the flight characteristics of drones in emergency fire-fighting missions.

       ▲Environmental factors affecting on the flight characteristics of drones
Integrate the remote control of the real drone to achieve the same operating experience as the real drone. The system currently covers common models such as quadcopters and six-axis aircraft.
300x200                     ▲Multi-rotor drone models
300x200                      ▲Real remote control operatio
Core functions
Reconnaissance delivery
The training scene is set up according to the "Technical Rules for the Fire Communicator Competition Project of the Second National Fire Protection Industry Vocational Skills Competition". The UAV operator must flt through the S-shaped crossing channel and disaster maze reconnaissance area, and search for hazardous chemicals and heat sources (using IR/visible light) .
300x200                 ▲S-shaped crossing channel
300x200               ▲Disaster maze reconnaissance are
Aerial modeling
Manually simulate field flights to complete data collection, support two-dimensional code identification inspection of high-rise buildings, automatic scanning and identification of chemical plant nameplates, and support third-party modeling software for three-dimensional modeling of field photos.
300x200               ▲Field data collectio
300x200               ▲Field photo modelin
Aerial reconnaissance
According to the "Technical Rules for the Fire Communicator Competition Project of the First National Fire-fighting Industry Vocational Skills Competition", a training scene is built to support the UAV obstacle network, the gantry obstacle crossing flight, and the ruin search flight to realize the simulation of the whole process of hazardous materials search, heat source positioning, and UAV panoramic image collection.
300x200              ▲Obstacle crossing flight
300x200               ▲Hazardous material search
Precise throwing
Simulate the throwing operation process with drone: operate drones to carry water bottles, throw water bottles into iron buckets of different diameters, and operate drones to carry lifebuoys and place the lifebuoys on a target.
300x200              ▲Throwing mineral water bottle
300x200              ▲Throwing mineral water bottles
Reconnaissance flight
The whole training process it simulated according to the "UTC UAV Emergency Fire-Fighting Technology Course Standard", including UAV fixed-point hovering, infrared heat source locating, and visible light camera operation.
300x200               ▲Hovering over a fixed point
300x200               ▲Visible light camera zoom to take pictures
Technical and tactical exercises
Based on the application scenarios of UAV emergency fire fighting, SRIZFLY simulates typical operational training processes such as UAV fire reconnaissance and water rescue.
300x200              ▲Fire reconnaissance
300x200                ▲Water rescue
Wuhan SRIZ Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and is located in the East Lake High-tech Zone of Wuhan City. It is a long-term science and technology enterprise dedicated to UAV aerial survey data collection, data display, and data analysis. It covers UAV aerial survey, platform software development, VR/AR industry applications, and has expanded to water conservancy, military industry and other fields.
The company's products mainly include UAV application simulation training system, UAV security and rescue tactical exercise simulation system, electric UAV virtual patrol simulation system, fixed-wing semi-physical simulation system, high-voltage line inspection process simulation training software, digital twin power transmission and transformation UAV control platform, etc.,
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